Black and White

Retrò but always in vogue, here comes the black and white. Classical, minimalist, elegant. For a feminine, sexy and stylish woman.

From simple and a little sporty Antonio Berardi’s woman to Moschino’s eccentric and exuberant one. From the square lines of Karl Lagerfeld to the soft ones of Krizia. From the very classical elegance of Yves Saint Laurent to the special touch of Chanel.

Just look what happens on the catwalk …


Vogue fashion night out

Following the success of the last edition in Milan, as in other capitals of fashion, returned the Vogue Fashion Vogue Italy’s Night Out, with the support of the City of Milan, 9 September celebrates an evening of shopping with boutiques and flagship concept stores, department stores – The Rinascente and Coin – which will remain open until late organizing cocktails, DJ sets and parties, allowing to meet designers, celebrities, models and fashion editors, attend product launches, customize their purchases and not least, take advantage of the opening of some museums until 2330.

Over 500 stores participating sell products in a limited edition or made for the event, such as t-shirts, shopping bags, scarves and accessories for the Adopt a tree for Milan. As the 2009 harvest was allocated to a proposed public park, with 5,500 plants, including small trees and shrubs, designed to Viale Monza. Campari is also this year the main sponsor of the initiative. To toast the occasion created the Campari Lounge at the historic Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, full fashion district, and established the Campari Red Passion Prize-recognition to those who distinguished himself in the world for its creativity-and a scholarship to a young emerging talent. Moreover, in the boutiques of major brands will be offered Campari Orange Passion cocktail created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand.

While Palazzo Morando opens its courtyard to install IBM Fashion Solutions Store, corner shops will be transformed into 18 cars Fiat 500 Twin Air, for the sale of bicycle helmets Fiat 500 and GAP sweaters, both with logo VFNO.

From Via Montenapoleone, whosee association is heavily involved to  Brera, which supports the evening with four gazebos for tasting wine and reading books on fashion and jazz concerts in Brera (the school directed by Enrico Intra) in Corso Garibaldi , will host a fashion show style “comics japan” models of Japanese and drink Moving Cadrega Jazz Concert, there are many events that will illuminate the neighborhoods Meneghini.

But the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is a global event organized by the regional editions of fashion magazines, this year in sixteen countries: France on September 7, following the United Kingdom, and Korea 8, adding Australia, Germany, Italy , Portugal and Spain 9. And yet, India, Russia and the United States 10, China, Japan and Taiwan on 11 and concluded with Greece and Turkey 16. AMSA will help keep the city clean.


Eco fashion everyday?

How to live Eco-fashion every day?

This is the question which Fiat and Vogue Italy asked to respond with a design that can be printed on helmets for cycling. An eco-friendly graphic artwork that can be worth $ 2000 here is the figure that will win the most creative design.
The contest sees the protagonist in fact a style capable of combining a sensitivity to echo a very fashionable allure and the idea is meant to celebrate the launch of Fiat 500 Twin, the first 2-cylinder car that can reduce emissions up to 30% but also saves fuel.
The one that goes beyond the either / or cycling – to drive because its trunk contains 500 perfectly bike, folding bike signed by Company Ducale and tailored to the Fiat 500.
Some Fiat 500 Twin will become special corner where the special helmets will be sold the evening of Sept. 9 in Milan at the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, an event that will illuminate the most important fashion city with initiatives that mix shopping, entertainment, charity.
Some of the helmets – limited edition – which reproduce the design contest winner will be autographed by celebrities and designers: the proceeds will go entirely to charity for the project “Adopt a tree“.

Red passion Campari

The taste of fashion has a name and this is Campari. The company, which is celebrating its 150 years, decided to further strengthen its relationship with fashion being protagonist, while Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, a unique event.
For the occasion, in fact, the historic brand that has colored red glasses from around the world, has established a new, prestigious award: the Campari Red Passion Prize.
The award, which seeks to recognize the passion, will be delivered to the personality that best managed to embody the concept of creativity as the Italian excellence.
Delivery will be in Campari lounge, set in the historic Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, and will have the exceptional godmother Franca Sozzani. But the Red Passion Prize (consisting of a work of art made by Venini glass masters), not only looks to the past but also seeks to improve the future.
Besides the prize, in fact, Campari has established a scholarship that will allow a young designer to cultivate his talent and make the future of Made in Italy a bit ‘longer pink. In fact, red. Campari, of course.

Blanco, fashion from Spain

Blanco is a family firm founded in 1960 by Bernardo Blanco Solana and now run by his son, Bernardo Blanco Moreno. In recent years, its colourful carefree collections have struck a chord with young women who have fallen for its bold, pop-inspired style.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The first Blanco boutique opened in Bilbao in 1960. But it was not until 1970 that its designs arrived in Madrid. Throughout the Seventies, the company consolidated its position, with further openings in the Spanish capital, in Seville and Barcelona. It now has 91 shops in Spain and two more in Portugal. Blanco is set to launch in London in summer 2008, and has plans to open several more shops in both Britain and Italy between 2009 and 2010.

In the last quarter of 2006, it opened the first Blanco Accessories in Tenerife. The boutique sells intimates, swimwear and accessories and now has its own shops in Madrid and A Coruña. To complete the range, Blanco Stock is a network of outlets where its collections are sold at a discount price of up to 70%.

The Blanco head office is in Móstoles in Madrid. It covers an area of 4,600 sq. m and accommodates a large number of different departments, including design, production, sales, human resources, systems, works & maintenance, expansion, finance and image & marketing. Since 2006, the logistics centre has been based in Seseña in Toledo, where a facility of 15,800 sq.m distributes the brand’s products all over the Iberian Penisula

Trend report AI 2010/11

Essential lines, rigorous, extremely precise. Ban any ornament. Farewell to the décor: the surplus is out. The new silhouettes and new volumes of simplicity more minimal. Once again, “less is more ‘!

Cheetahs and leopards, tigers, and zebras … but where are we? On a catwalk or in the savanna? The animal prints, in all its variants wildlife imaginable, will unquestionably be the master. Council styling: mix them all so crazy, creating a kind of animal-very Frankenstein fashion

Remember the opening sequence of Goldfinger? The woman next Fall / Winter will total gold from head to toe. For the evening, but not limited to: the most precious of metals must be for coats, dresses, accessories. When you say “a golden girl” …

The bust well marked, breast enhancement, life strizzatissima and skirt: in two words “New look”! The silhouette by Christian Dior in 1947 invented a huge comeback. Adapted today, ça va sans dire

Tremble, tremble! The dark ladies are back! The woman on the catwalk TO 2010/11 is nasty: strictly black leather, bdsm info, murderers heels, fetish hints. Sensual and mysterious bright colors for a look to dominate (even style)

… Enter in your wardrobe this Fall-Winter, rather than any other color. Not just for coats, this shade of beige and caramel, are a classic, but also for clothes and knit caps. Top pairing with a touch of red or black skin

Triumph of knitting, especially the “the Norwegian”: stars, crosses, stylized snowflakes and reindeer knits characterize soft and warm. For once, the folk is far north. Image reference: Santa Claus

The Tartan: an obsession! The classic plaid is freed from its coté college to take decidedly glam allure. His Verision coolest? That mohair in shades of gray. Do not fear the effect plaid!

Soft and sensual caress is not really impossible. The velvet will dominate the coming Fall. Her wealth, like that of precious brocade and damask worked, sumptuous atmospheres reminiscent of the East, but adapts perfectly to women’s desire for luxury Western

The flowers – usually natural prerogative of Spring – this time to bloom surprise winter catwalks. Warm colors, almost withered, for street, roses and daisies. Micro, Provencal, or macros, ethnically showy, seize your winter bouquet!

Levi’s:YOUR perfect jeans

Levi’s ® Curve ID, a revolutionary collection of jeans that caress the body as if they were custom made will be launched on September, 2!!
The pioneering concept of fit behind the project came from a massive international investigation that led to Levi’s listening to the frustrations of 60 thousand women regarding the purchase of a pair of jeans.
Levi’s was able to identify three types of shapes (and sizes, finally!) Distinct: Slight, Demi Bold and Curve, and now find the perfect jeans is no longer a mirage. In each store brand clerks take our measures, and calculating the relationship between life, hips and buttocks, will help us find the model that suits us.

The project is supported by a communication campaign, Believe, the stronger the brand has ever conceived, that celebrates feminine curves was assigned to the legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh, who has grasped the individuality of the three fascinating testimonial: Lykke Li Violet and Miss Nine, each of which has chosen the location where to be filmed in Los Angeles.

Symbol Slight Curve model, designed for long-limbed bodies, is the 24 year old indie musician Lykke Li.
The Curve Fit Demi launched by nineteen Violet, model and socialite: “Usually I put a high waist jeans, because if I look good on the hips, not good for other parts of my body. The Levi’s ® Curve ID ‘Demi Curves’ instead praises and caresses my curves. ”

To launch the Bold Curve fit model and famous DJ Miss Nine, 26, who like the other two ambassadors express individuality, style, safety and energy. The bold curves are created for physicists with curves like hers, dressed like a second skin, chipped and not pull.

Well, try it: finally we designed a pair of jeans for real women …

Horse riding

This year racecourse and stables seduce our wardrobe.                                                                                                                       New trend of this season seems to be the “riding look”: simple, sporting  but so fascinating.

Here is a tasting of style…

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Alta Roma

From Saturday 10 of July the capital city welcomes the high fashion street edition dedicated to the coexistence of tradition and innovation and of contamination of the couture, art and all forms of expression. Piazza Mignanelli 22, Rome: the most address will not say much, but for professionals this is a true temple of couture.


And here, just steps from the Spanish, who established the studios of the Maison Valentino. A magical night is an unforgettable gift that AltaRoma Vogue Italy and wanted to celebrate the winners last night (but, as it should be, even all the finalists) Who is the competition on next?
Location: the stunning terrace of the Villa Medici, home of the French, that the Pincio, just steps from the Spanish Steps, overlooking Rome. On the one hand the huge villa, designed by Bartolomeo Ammannati, the other a view like few others can relate to 360 ° beauty of the Eternal City. Amid the hyper-refined setting designed to accommodate over 200 guests of the evening.

Who is on Next? has its winners. The contest created by Vogue Italy and AltaRoma, which in recent years has had the merit of discovering and rewarding talented players of the international catwalks today – from Albino to Aquilano.Rimondi, Gabriele Colangelo and Vincenzo De Marco – in fact crowned last night the winners of its sixth edition.
The greater recognition in the category ready-to-wear designer, was awarded to turkish Erkan Coruh

Limited/Unlimited: show off new italian luxury                                                                                                                          Not easy to define – let alone describe – Limited / Unilimited.
A flash exhibition (its duration is sadly only a couple of days)? An installation in which art finds himself talking with fashion, and fashion is so sophisticated and valuable to look like art? An event? All three things together, and much more. Beyond the classificatory mania, Limited / Unlimited has been a very valuable test refuted against those who still cultivate the suspicion that the Italian fashion has not been able to renew during the latest generation

Made in town: Palazzo Fendi                                                                                                                                                                     Largo Goldoni is more joyful than usual today. And the reason is easily found: the façade of Palazzo Fendi, overlooking Largo, is covered by the color of a giant banner, a work of art created by Pascal Gautrand with the help of students of the Academy of Fashion and Costume Rome. Hands opera – the title of the article – is a giant patchwork of about 120 square meters, made asemblando 16×16 cm pieces of cloth cut from discarded clothes: cleverly joined together, the pieces make up the design a thread that runs between two hands. A kind of metaphor of the preciousness of crafts, manual labor, skills man with his “know how” guide is able to create true treasures of beauty and – now more than ever – luxury. And so the banner is the ideal introduction to the event’s official calendar of AltaRoma that – internally – Fendi Palazzo is home to: the presentation of the book A guide to measure. In signing it Gautrand and Andrea Spezzigu published by Palombi, this volume is a sort of pocket encyclopedia in which 239 sites are collected and told the Capital where people can still make themselves clothes and accessories customized. Shirts, jackets and full, but also hats, shoes, umbrellas and sunglasses, the true dandy – what perfect love object built on its style and its own measures – can now use one hand to the old couture tradition, but also to other major international luxury brands, which are increasingly understanding how the real luxury today is just that (Fendi knows for years, since the line Saddlery is one of its flagships). Today they call custumizzazione, a neologism that sounds bad. Today we talk about local, as opposed to global. But it seems to us – and this guide puts it in perfect light – which to discover the pleasure of dressing choice and especially expressing their personal style is as old as the need elegance. The really interesting news is that this is only the first of a series of volumes that also investigating the universe clothing and accessories tailored to women. We would like the scope could expand from Rome to all of Italy: small caskets forgotten crafts are everywhere.